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EM-RFID Plexy Antenne


The certus System is based upon the Electro-Magnetic technology. This technology uses the physical properties from special metal alloys (elements) in a weak magnetic field. Our system signals an alarm when it recognizes this special alloy. The precise nature in which the system works, virtually rules out the occurrence of a false alarm.

Due to the occurrence of changes in the operating environment, the certus EAS system when switched on, adjusts automatically to find the most effective operating mode. It is possible to run the system over the shops lighting (no dedicated power source necessary). Upon opening the store "lights on", the system, would adjust to the surroundings and is then active. When the shop is closed "lights out" the system is off. This feature saves energy, as it is not necessary for the system to be constantly in operation.

The system is quick and easy to install and thus further reduces overall costs.

Due to the flexibility of the system, it is ideal for all types of installations, supermarkets, book stores, libraries, electronic market, chemists and other specialist areas.

The certus system is certified by FLOG to the VDI 4470 guidelines. FLOG is an independent research institute for logistics based at the University of Dortmund. Using a 40mm label, certus achieved a detection field factor of 76,8%. The certus system also fulfils the label compatibility recommendations for EM labels common in the trade. Certus detects these EM labels with high detection rates.

The Security Elements

Using the smallest of EM security elements, it is possible to secure ware inconspicuously. There are many types of EM labels, important is the size, our 2-dimensional labels range from 32mm up to 63 mm in length. EM labels can be easily dispensed from a half automatic dispensing gun. It is not the cost of a label that is expensive but the cost absorbed to apply the label to a product.

The robust and flexible EM allow for the possibility to secure soft packages in an uncomplicated manner.

Another advantage of the EM label is the possibility for source-tagging. Large machines can dispense EM labels directly onto the product at very high speed. The other technologies offer labels that are not so well designed for this mass securing of products. Product integration is the future, Source tagging is only feasible with the EM technology.