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The Porta-Con System

The Porta-Con System is the newest development from the certus development team. Porta-Con is a sensor-system, it is designed to control an exit or entrance. The certus Porta-Con System is mounted in such a manner as to control the Person leaving though the entrance.

Should a person move in a direction that is not allowed, a combination of sensors will discover this and make a verbal alarm. The voice module informs the person of their mistake and requests them to leave through the correct gateway. The system builds a psychological boundary which has the effect of stopping a person from entering/leaving a room/area through in the wrong way. Through the acoustic warning, the surrounding area is alerted to the situation, this further increases the “scare effect”. The Porta-Con System is based upon a simple idea and is very cost effective. (e.g. it stops your passage through a Supermarkets non-automated secured entrance with stolen goods.

The systems sensors can be comfortably controlled and adjusted to the individual installation surroundings using a remote control. You are free to configure the detection field area, the movement speed and direction of function. The voice module can store a text that is up to 16 seconds long. The standard colour of the Porta-Con housing is black, it is however upon request available in other RAL tones.

With such functions and possibilities, the Porta-Con System is a further important part in a puzzle to reduce Inventory difference caused by shoplifting.