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  • EM-Systems
  • The certus System is based upon the Electro-Magnetic technology. This technology uses the physical properties from special metal alloys (elements) in a weak magnetic field. Our system signals an alarm when it recognizes this special alloy.

  • RFID-Systems
  • The certus RFID-Systems can get used as pure RFID Systems or in combination with the proofed certus EM-Systems. RFID is a technology based on radio waves allowing a touch less data transfer.

  • Wa-Con-System
  • The certus Wa-Con-System controls every Shopping Trolley passing through the checkout individually. The flawless control reduces the Inventory difference caused by theft in the shopping trolley to zero.

  • Porta-Con-System
  • The certus Porta-Con-System is built up of a combination of sensors. It is designed to control an exit or entrance. The system is triggered by people moving in the undesired direction. A voice module informs the person of their mistake and requests them to leave through the correct gateway.