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  • Self-adjusting certus control unit
    Compensates for moderate changes to the environment without the need for physical system adjustments.
  • Detection in and around a shopping Trolley
    Especially important in an environment where metal shopping trolleys or baskets are in circulation. A continuous detection!
  • Securing of metal products possible
    The system feature is especially important in the DIY sector.
  • High detection field factor of up to 76,8%
    Certified by the FLOG in line with VDI Guidelines VDI 4470.
  • No 24 hour power requirement needed
    When the store is empty, you can switch the system off, to save energy costs.
  • No separate power source necessary
    You can plug the system into a normal power supply. No dedicated power source is required.
  • Flexible control unit
    Two separate gateways can be driven with a single modified control unit. That saves greatly installation and running costs.
  • Robust standard gate panel design
    Especially required for the check-out installations. Available in most colours.
  • Exit systems in plexi-glass
    For customers who require that the systems are from the appearance as unobtrusive as possible. Available in most colours.
  • Virtually false alarm free
    Due to the digital signal processing.
  • Wide variety of security labels
    Inconspicuous film and barcode security labels are available in sizes from 32 mm up to 63 mm. Special labels available upon request.
  • Strong adhesive labels
    Certus labels can be applied to most surfaces without loosing their adhesive strength.
  • Labels resistant to bending
    In order to apply labels to surfaces that are not flat, you require a flexible label. Our labels can easily be applied to rounded or uneven surfaces.
  • Ideal for product integration
    Source tagging is the future for securing of products. Independent reports have verified this subject.
  • Hand held label dispensing
    Labels can be easily dispensed using a standard hand held dispensing gun.
  • Compatible to other EM labels
    In order to remain compatible, our system can also detect with respectable detection rates EM labels from other manufacturers.